It’s Friday (TGIF!) and as I prepare wind down for the weekend, what better way to do so then with a podcast?  Back in 2013, I wasn’t aware of the impact that transitioning to natural hair would have on my personal development, self-care and wellness routines. Needless to say, I became engrossed with learning about the best hair care products and routines from my fellow naturalistas on the Internet via YouTube and personal blogs. Thanks to HeyFranHey and Alex Elle, to name a few, I stepped up my holistic healthcare, self-care and personal development plans.

Enter 2016 and one of my favorite pastimes involves curling up and listening to a podcast…or two…maybe three. I’m listening to some of the women who inspired me early on during my natural hair journey share more gems with larger audiences via one of my favorite mediums: the podcast. I truly believe that sharing is caring so, here’s a list of my favorite business and wellness podcasts by women with natural hair:

  • The Friend Zone –  HeyFranHey is ⅓ of The Friend Zone (along with Dustin Ross and Assante). Fran hosts a wellness segment each week that is guaranteed to keep you learning something new. The podcast tagline is “mental health, mental wealth, and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?” I know that I don’t and I’m sure that you don’t either. I’m warning you in advance that this group of friends will have you randomly laughing out loud on the train when you’re heading home from work. 
  • #MyTaughtYou Myleik Teele is the Creator of curlBOX and she’s a true boss who shares tips on career, entrepreneurship, mental health and life in general. She’s nothing short of inspirational and I love the fact that she keeps it really, at all times.
  • Black Girl In Om – Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory host one of my go-to self-care and wellness podcasts. They invite a wide range of guests including yogis and holistic healthcare professionals to speak on the podcast.
  • Happy Black Woman – Rosetta Thurman is another inspirational business woman who seeks to empower women through personal development and entrepreneurship. Her journey into entrepreneurship is nothing short of motivational. She started out by blogging on topics that are relevant to the nonprofit sector, eventually venturing out on her own.
  • Hey, girl. – Alex Elle started hosting her podcast this year and I’m already in love. I enjoy the honest, authentic conversations about a wide range of topics.  
  • Therapy For Black Girls – Dr. Joy is a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia and I love the fact that she’s creating a therapist directory for black women nationwide. Her podcast also explores a range of topics that are relevant to mental health and self-care.

Are you a fellow podcast lover? If so, let me know your favorite podcasts in the comments below!

Have a lovely weekend,