(Blooming Entrepreneurs) “I truly believe that when a woman cuts her hair off, she’s about to change the world…

Takia Ross is a passionate and charismatic entrepreneur who I had the opportunity to meet during the Black Girl Ventures Bossed Up Pitch Competition in Washington, DC. To learn more about the makeup artistry that Takia provides through her business, Accessimatized visit her website here 

“I started my business in my kitchen. I’m a mother of three. At that time, I had an infant son who was one or two years old. Like most single moms, I didn’t have enough money. There just wasn’t enough money to be able to provide for my children, so I prayed about it. I was like ‘God you’re going to have to make a way.’ Around that time, I started doing makeup for friends and family. I didn’t say that I was a makeup artist, but I would do makeup for my girlfriends and they started telling other people. Eventually, people started calling me about doing their makeup, so I thought ‘maybe this was the answer to my prayers.’

This is my second time going natural. Initially, I  went natural 10 or 15 years ago because I didn’t feel like paying people to do my hair. One day, I got mad at my boyfriend, so I cut it off and permed it. I truly believe that when a woman cuts her hair off, she’s about to change the world. I was bald headed, I had a perm and went home like, ‘yes, now you’re gone too.’ I’ve been natural this time for about four years. My daughters are natural, so I wanted to show them the beauty of a black woman. To show them that you’re absolutely amazing no matter how you come. You’re enough. Honestly, being natural is one of the easiest things to do because I just let it be. I don’t try to tame it. Just think about the versatility. Sometimes I want a twist out, other times I want a fro or I can have a bun. You might catch me with two puff balls or two braids down the side. It’s whatever I feel in that moment. I love my natural hair and my daughters do too.”