Reflections on Entrepreneurship and the Natural Hair Community

“I have come to realize that it’s much deeper than that…” This quote is from a woman who I met and interviewed on the street for Blooming Queens. She made the statement when referring to the mindset shift that occurred during her transition to natural hair. She let me know that gone were the days when she only focused on having super long hair because she entered a new phase...

“I consider myself a hair coach…”

“I’ve been a hair stylist for 10 years and natural for several. At the time, I helped my clients transition from relaxed to natural and if I had clients who didn’t want to go natural they found someone else to do their hair. I see myself as a hair coach because sometimes women need a little help learning to love their hair. My clients are in all types of professions. For example, my eye doctor wears her hair natural, there’s a lawyer as well as a banker. One client did mention that her job wanted her to have a more professional look and at times all that could mean is a nice trim.”