“I transitioned to natural in my early to mid-50’s…”


“I transitioned to natural in my early to mid-50’s. At the time, my daughter encouraged me to consider going natural. I went natural because my hair was shedding really, really bad so I knew that I needed a change. I honestly think that my hair was shedding because of stress and the chemicals from the relaxers. My mother had thin hair at the crown and other females on my mothers side had thin hair as well so I knew that I didn’t want to lose any additional hair.

Being natural has been great. My hair turned around and has stopped shedding outside of the normal daily shedding. At work, everyone wanted to touch my hair and that’s a little irritating, but the overall support of my new look has been very positive. My husband has even supported the transition to natural hair because he often tells me not to ever consider going back to the relaxers.”